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The BE GREAT Foundation carries the torch of the memory and legacy of Alexander James Plotas who died at the age of 13 months on September 21, 2011, due to respiratory complications after a SUCCESSFUL Allogeneic Cord Blood Transplant (commonly known as a Bone Marrow Transplant "BMT"). 

BE GREAT was established November 2011, by Alison and Pete Plotas, 7 weeks after their son Alexander died. Alexander inspired many (young and old) during his life and journey with immune deficiency.  His lesson to all of us, of making the most of the situation and refusing to give up, is what fuels us.

Alexander's transplant was astonishingly successful, with engraftment achieved on day +12. Although both Alexander's cord blood and his older sister's cord blood were privately stored at birth, neither could be used in his transplant. Thankfully through BE THE MATCH and the National Marrow Donor Program (NMDP), several matches were identified and Alexander's doctors at Children's National Medical Center in Washington, DC were able to go through the exercise of narrowing down the short list to the donor cord that would best be used for his transplant.  And amazingly their research, experience and care of Alexander paid off in the success of his transplant.  It is this success that gives us energy to move ahead knowing that other families will be able to overcome immune deficiency diagnosis and give their child hope for a future.   The risks of Alexander's BMT were fully understood by his parents who knew that without the BMT, Alexander's life expectancy would've been very short due to his inability to fight infections.  This was the only hope to give him a future.

Alexander’s determination and energy moved us to launch the BE GREAT Foundation to help kids, parents, advocates and physicians achieve their goals in the fight to treat immune deficiency and achieve the best outcomes possible.  Immune deficiency is beatable.  There are management protocols and curative treatments, which give kids healthy lives. 

BE GREAT Foundation works toward helping make this happen for as many as possible.  From newborn screening, advancing medical equipment and curative treatments to improving parental support; BE GREAT focuses on kids fighting and overcoming immune deficiency.

Since inception in 2011, many generous contributions and support from individual donors, sponsors and partners, enable us to work tirelessly so every child has a chance to be healthy and to Be Great!

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